Tuesday, Mar 1, 2011 2:02 PM UTC

Did Anonymous hack Colbert?

"Suddenly I'm wearing a mask? I don't understand. It wasn't even 'Eyes Wide Shut' Wednesday"

Colbert says Anonymous targeted the Report

Stephen Colbert dedicated the first portion of his show last night to a nefarious breach of security at the Report — when an image of Guy Fawkes (i.e., the masked dude from “V for Vendetta”) was super-imposed over his face during a broadcast last week. Colbert blamed the intrusion on the hacker collective Anonymous, a shadowy organization that also targeted Americans for Prosperity, the political action group headed by the Koch brothers. To Anonymous, Stephen said:

Lay off Americans for Prosperity. If you’ve got a problem with the Koch brothers, go after them the democratic way — by funneling millions of dollars into a front organization to launch attack ads against teachers.

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Anonymous Hacks The Colbert Report
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