Wednesday, Oct 3, 2012 8:00 PM UTC

Political must-reads: Salon’s Twitter 50

If you're not following these Twitter feeds this year, you're not following the 2012 elections


It goes without saying: This year’s election will be the most tweeted of all time. But if you’re looking for sharp, insightful, funny political commentary in 140 character installments, you have to look pretty hard. To save you the trouble, Salon got its best political minds together to come up with a list of the 50 absolutely essential election-related feeds. Before you ask, out of modesty we’ve deliberately left out our own ace political team: @SteveKornacki, @JoanWalsh, @koxinga21@aseitzwald, @irincarmon, @pareene, @jillrayfield and @Salon_Politics. As for the ranking, well, don’t read too much into it — each one of these feeds is fantastic. You can follow the full list here. Check it out and let us know what you think.

1. @KagroX – David Waldman
Contributing Editor, Daily Kos

Irin Carmon says: Politically-savvy comedic riffs that build on each other, each funnier than the next.

2. @fivethirtyeight – Nate Silver
Blogger/statistician, New York Times

3. @pourmecoffee – pourmecoffee
Anonymous liberal

4. @mollyesque – Molly Ball
Staff writer, The Atlantic

5. @daveweigel – Dave Weigel
Political reporter, Slate

Alex Seitz-Wald says: Long suspected of having ghost tweeters for the frequent consistency of his humor and timely analysis.

6. @ZerlinaMaxwell – Zerlina Maxwell
Democratic strategist

7. @ezraklein – Ezra Klein
Editor, Wonkblog, Columnist, Washington Post, Bloomberg View

8. @markknoller -  Mark Knoller
White House Correspondent, CBS News

Alex Seitz-Wald says: Unofficial White House statistician, he’s a treasure trove of interesting facts and figures about the presidency.

9. @jonathanchait – Jonathan Chait
Political writer, New York Magazine

10. @ThePlumLineGS – Greg Sargent
Blogger, The Plum Line (Washington Post)

Steve Kornacki says: He’s been closely monitoring the economic arguments both campaigns are making and diving deep into the available data to determine which are resonating, which aren’t and why.

11. @evanmc_s – Evan McMorris-Santoro
Reporter, TPM

Jillian Rayfield says: Broke the Akin “legitimate rape” story. Tweets about buffets. Noted cheap suit wearer.

12. @cbellantoni – Christina Bellantoni
Politics editor, PBS Newshour

13. @BuzzFeedAndrew – Andrew Kaczynski
Politics reporter, Buzzfeed

14. @maggiepolitico – Maggie Haberman
Senior political writer, POLITICO

15. @SuzyKhimm - Suzy Khimm
Reporter, Wonkblog (Washington Post)

16. @ktumulty – Karen Tumulty
National Political Correspondent, Washington Post

17. @timothypmurphy – Tim Murphy
Reporter, Mother Jones

18. @jbouie – Jamelle Bouie
Writing Fellow, The American Prospect

19. @delrayser – delrayser

20. @kasie – Kasie Hunt
Political reporter, The Associated Press

21. @aburnspolitico – Alexander Burns
Reporter, POLITICO

22. @aterkel – Amanda Terkel
Politics reporter, Huffington Post

23. @jonlovett – Jon Lovett
Former Obama speechwriter

Alex Pareene says: Former White House speechwriter is actually funny and not just “DC funny.” Which is why he is no longer in DC.

24. @AdamSerwer – Adam Serwer
Reporter, Mother Jones

Irin Carmon says: Wit and substance on civil liberties, the campaign trail, foreign policy, race, and more.

25. @mattklewis – Matt K. Lewis
Senior contributor, The Daily Caller

26. Taegan Goddard – @politicalwire
Founder/blogger, The Political Wire

Steve Kornacki says: The curator of an indispensable political news site distills valuable bits of news, commentary and polling updates throughout the day.

27. @ellencarmichael – Ellen Carmichael
Former communications director for Herman Cain

28. @meredithshiner – Meredith Shiner
Reporter, Roll Call

29. @BDayspring – Brad Dayspring
Former top aide to Rep. Eric Cantor

30. @jbarro – Josh Barro
Writer for Bloomberg View’s The Ticker

31. @davidfrum - davidfrum
Former speechwriter to George W. Bush, Contributing Editor, Daily Beast/Newsweek

32. @HotlineReid – Reid Wilson
Editor in chief, National Journal’s Hotline

33. @anamariecox – Ana Marie Cox
Columnist , The Guardian

34. @joshTPM – Josh Marshall
Editor and Publisher, TPM

35. @AnnaHolmes – Anna Holmes
Columnist, Washington Post; Founding Editor, Jezebel

36. @feliciasonmez – Felicia Sonmez
Political reporter, Washington Post

37. @ggreenwald – Glenn Greenwald
Blogger/Columnist, The Guardian

38. @PhilipRucker – Philip Rucker
Political reporter, Washington Post

39. @ananavarro - Ana Navarro
CNN contributor

40. @kathrynlopez – Kathryn Jean Lopez
Columnist, National Review

Alex Pareene says: One of the funniest twitter feeds in politics, obviously.

41. @PeterHambyCNN – Peter Hamby
Producer, CNN

42. @Sarah_Boxer – Sarah Boxer
Political reporter, CBS News and National Journal

43. @jesseltaylor – Jesse Taylor
Founder/blogger, Pandagon

44. @JamilSmith – Jamil Smith
Producer, MSNBC

45. @BuzzFeedBen – Ben Smith
Editor in chief, Buzzfeed

46. @markos - Markos Moulitsas
Founder, Daily Kos

47. @amyewalter – Amy Walter
Political Director, ABC News

48. @SabrinaSiddiqui - Sabrina Siddiqui
Politics reporter, Huffington Post

49. @ByronYork – Byron York
Chief Political Correspondent, Washington Examiner

50. @ChuckTodd – Chuck Todd
Chief White House Correspondent for NBC News; host, The Daily Rundown (MSNBC)