Thursday, Oct 4, 2012 4:11 PM UTC

Study: More young people will vote this year than in ’08

According to one study, more "Millennials" say they'll vote this year than last time around

A survey of young people finds that 15 percent more young people, aged 18-29, say they will come out to vote this year – and most will be voting for Obama.

The study was conducted online by the “Gen Y research and consulting firm” Millenial Branding and, and surveyed 2,236 people who fit into that age group.

From the study:

“75% will be voting in this election compared to only 60% that voted in 2008. Of those who will be voting this year, 64% intend to vote for Obama and only 22% for Romney. Out of those polled, 44% associated with the Democratic party, while 27% were Independents and only 17% associated with the Republican party. 54% are either considering or very interested in volunteering with a local campaign.”

In conclusion, young people still like Obama.