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The GOP again clarifies their ideology by embracing the rantings of a draft-dodging bigoted pedophile. For their part is must be a new form of patriotism & family values.

Buchanan vocalizing a core conservative ideal/desire masked with subterfuge over the last six years the regressive tactics mounted by republicans through the fake non-existent issue of voter fraud, and the Roberts court dismantling VRA 4; fueled by the animus of the unhinged tea party. 

No one should be surprised by conservatism's aversion to ensuring protections of's who they are

Guess Ingonito's agent told him to express remorse, contrition in the face of unemployment. If I had a brother like him, I'd wish to be an only child, he's so full of crap & himself.

Well according to the NRA, black youth need to be armed to the teeth w/automatic weapons....their deaf/mute commentary screams greed by lining shareholder pockets w/blood money gun rights isn't about the 2nd amendment but 'stand your ground laws' providing a pass for some people's right to murder or is it racial cleansing?

whatever BJ's motivations, well wishes for personal contentment

Beyond sick to threaten a five yr old child. Free speech is one thing but physical threats are another ball game and it is time for some of these folks to punished. Maybe its time for all of us who are offended to call out others for their trollish behavior which differs from ideological disagreements...just a thought

Ever watch Scarborough's show? He handles guests who disagree/challenge his bs w/the same dismissive, high-handed demeanor as Christie...birds of a feather squack rant/rave & poop all over their adversaries together, their cut from the same whiny, classless annoying cloth.

Thank you for sharing this inspirational story about learning. Often we forget education is about engagement, perceptions, developing/encouraging the ability to formulate insightful thought and challenging students to exceed their boundaries. 

It's football, a game, we all went to school w/jocks and know/remember what they were like. A few decades later or a couple of years may not make a difference in a jock's poor sportsmanship, it's not important EXCEPT for the racially ugly comments, totally undeserved. The country has MANY, MUCH more important issues to consider/solve.

@Green Goblin  McDonnell may be starting a new, but long over due GOP Gov trend, w/Christie to follow. Karma is coming to the Garden State

One part of the conservatives efforts, grasping to remain relevant in national politics given their horrific relationship w/people of color, lgbt community and rising immigrant population, people don't forget while in the voting booth. 

Gerrymandering, gutting sect 5 of the voting rights act, add the tsunami of open bigotry/racism, throw in a crummy economy, a great recipe for civil unrest. Take a snap shot of local sheriffs openly declaring they will NOT enforce state/federal gun control statutes and an surprising ignorant populous that believes the 2nd amendment is an unfettered constitutional right despite 150 yrs of legislation/case law handed down by SCOTUS. Let's not forget the dumbing-down and unadulterated praise of the ignorant & uninformed. Enlightened ideas, discussion nor science are respected but a swift turn to conservative religion..ironically similar to fundamentalist zealotry.

Crippling the economy by augmenting more wealth growth to the top earners, is a preparatory step to ensure & increase political power. Stingy selfish minority governing an impoverished majority, not a new political model but a revival of an old American one.

cwjolley Oh, come on, Ryan's ideology, behavior and appearance more resembles Gollum from "Lord of the Rings". Greedy, selfish only concerned about the shiny and willing to sacrifice everything to possess power & money.

Cutting SNAP, social security, medicare or medicaid isn't about removing governmental dependence, but increasing wealth for a select powerful few, breeding a desperate, more compliant underclass. Besides, reducing budgets and access of the for-mentioned programs is a mild, less aggressive instrument of social engineering by reducing numbers in the changing demographic. 

It is ridiculous & inhumane to believe reducing an individual's access to FOOD would do anything but cause unnecessary bodily harm, potentially shorten their life. I'm encouraged there is a scientific study that confirms what rational, moral people and that even the youngest among us all ready know, you must eat to live.

I know I was raised during the peak years the GOP benefited from the ugliness of the 'southern strategy' (Reagan nightmare) and despite my social/economic background/current status, I will always remain devoutly Progressive by voting Democratic. Their profoundly hate-filled rhetoric has a serious impact on my politics. The GOP has steadily become a cancer to be removed from the national conscience and America's future if we're to shine brightly internationally.

An example of a proposal that police should be made to wear mini-cameras on their person in addition to the cams outfitted in their cruisers. 

No reasonable person w/eyes would believe his injuries resulted from from falling forward, even if this child was shoved face down. Clearly, the police have a credibility issue w/ the evidence. 

Hate to cynical, but I suppose it is the reason in the cases of suspected police brutality, inexplicably individuals wind up dead, hand-cuffs and all. 

I can't help but wonder how his physicians manipulated the donor system to procure his transplanted heart?  He stole someone's chance at life, probably more deserving than this awful draft-dodger. He rails against a public healthcare system that has paid for his and his family's care? Let the hypocrite pay that money back or refuse his health insurance. Lying immoral bastard will get his due.

Spot on Joan. ACA has its problems but how short everyone's memory about the issues surrounding Bush's medicare RX rollout and the ensuing mess. Liberal critics didn't frame the rocky debut within the authentic context of the sparse funding HHS was provided by the GOP Congress and the heavy lift the Repug Gov demanded for 34 separate exchanges and betrayed their word, leaving the Feds in a lurch to implement... 

Joan thank you for a thoughtful, honest critique of ACA and for not following the cowardly Lib journalists crowd and beating the Administration over the head w/ 'you failed stick'. In this same vain of weak character, these pack of dogs follow their conservative brethren by turning on you. Conservative women rarely experience degrading personal attacks to this extent. Unfortunate women & men can't experience equal support, including our President even when his efforts may stumble.

First b&w pictures: She lost some weight between the two pictures. Who didn't gain weight in under grad? When I was stricken by the freshmen 10, geez. Lost it during the following summer.

Compare the second b&w to the bottom color one. Wendy looks essentially the same and you can see the age between the two w/a narrower, elongating face. Lock her up, throw away the key for aging well, or getting a minimum snip/tuck, execute her for dying her hair...REALLY. You'd have to exterminate almost 40% of the American female population for changing aspects about their hair, kind of sexist, its hair

I know this nut blogger isn't trying to say the girl in the video is Wendy, but a comparison to Barbie is petty crap. 

Nothing wrong w/ a person improving w/age, the outside is more befitting the knowledge attained through time, life experiences. After all, youth is wasted on the young.