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Bored in traffic yesterday, I formed a theory that the Trump campaign has been masterminded by die-hard Bush W loyal operatives who want to insure that W is not remembered as the worse US president in history.  But I haven't yet been able to fit Jeb's Presidential run into the theory aside from "smokescreen", which is kind of lame.  So help me out on this people!

quaero They marched back in boldly and saying "Screw that freak!"  And they have been there ever since.  Cognitive dissonance is no stranger to most modern Christians.  They never seem to recall that 'no praying in public thing' that "some guy" said in the bible either.

Just incredibly stupid.  But only slightly more so than anyone who flies that flag.

Boca Bill Since she is a Democrat, yes.

freemaec As has been painfully clear lately, we have no shortage of nuts among us.  Racists, religious extremists, misogynists, and the list goes on.  Yet I doubt we have a greater percentage of them than other countries.  The difference lies in the fact that ours have guns.  It always comes down to easy access to guns.

To paraphrase GEICO:

If your are Republican, you unquestionably believe and then rant about every piece of fraudulent bullshit that fits your agenda.  Its what you do.

Adventus The only idea I've heard from Trump is his wacky Mexico-funded border fence. Since then, the whole of his campaign seems to be based on insults in place of policy.  Its like he patterns his speeches from old Don Rickles comedy routines.

My question is either very obvious or very naive. Is there any channel that draws in a 25 - 54 demographic during the daytime? Aren't they for the most part, working? (I have to use the term "they" since I just aged out and have thus become irrelevant) Or if not working, unemployed, and thus less likely to buy an advertiser's products?  I realize there remain stay-at-home wives (hence the "soap" in soap opera) and off-shift workers but they still seem to be a niche, rather than age-determined market.

39 years ago my family moved from Chicago to within a few miles of Tomball.  The town would have been filled with these guys back then.  I was a bicyclist and regularly dodged beer bottles hurled from pickup trucks that would pass by, which pales compared to my sister-in-law, who actually had a live cat thrown on her.  Compaq opened an massive campus down the road, which was later bought by Hewlett Packard and housing developments sprang up all around the town, leading me to think that would have softened Tomball's edges a bit.  And it probably has.  But not so much that this guy doesn't have a clientele.

Dennis in KC Ennui for Dummies Tristero1 It was Scott Walker that fell for that fake Koch call.

The Black Lives Matters' issues are certainly national in scope, but do they have a national solution?  What I see are poorly trained racially-profiling police officers, many with anger management issues in municipalities across the country.  Does the Federal Government have much influence on how these local police departments train monitor and discipline their officers?  Or does this fight need to stay on the local level to be effective?  This is not an area of which I have much knowledge.

Bull.  While he Cosby show did not portray "the black experience", it did portray a black experience.  Black doctors, lawyers and other well-paid professionals do exist.  And presumably many marry other black professionals and create upper middle class families.  This was a comedy show about such a family.  Sure they lived better than the vast majority of black families, but that is the case for about 90% of white families shown on TV as well.

Every family in Modern Family is supported by a single income and their homes are huge.  And this is in Southern California!  Like the Cosby show, they back it up with with the professions of the breadwinners, and such people do exist here, it just isn't "typical".  Quite often the lifestyles and professions don't match.   The Chicago suburb house on Married with Children was supported by a retail shoe salesman, yet its house was about the size of the Chicago suburb homes I grew up in and my  Dad was a Senior Account Exec for a chemical company.  I'm a white executive in my 50s and the only house on TV that ever matched my general demographics was on the modest ranch home on The Wonder Years.  Everybody Loves Raymond wasn't too far off, they just had the most invisible children in the world.  And it is not just families.  How many college educated 20-somethings looked at the lifestyles of the characters in Friends and thought "Yeah, right!"

And then you get into what should have happened to the Huxtables, but didn't. The Claire character wasn't discriminated against in high-end retail stores?  One look at how she was dressed in the show tells you why she wouldn't be.  The Cliff character probably drove his luxury to and from a medical center where wealthy minorities were a common site for police.  Theo didn't get harassed by the police because he was a well-behaved kid in a neighborhood that appears to have had other African American families.  Such places do exist.  Yes, so was Trayvon Martin.  But Trayvon's experience was the exception, not the rule, which is why we know his name.

This sniping at the Huxtable lifestyle happened at the time of its airing and it was no less dumb then as well for the same reasons.  Criticizing a TV show for not matching the common experience of the race of its characters is ridiculous.

Villain75  A perfect example of what happens when a law gets "watered down".  By the way, I'm grateful to see an article that recognizes that Dylan Roof killed those people with a gun, not a flag.  Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the anti-confederate actions of late, but I do think it has also been a bit of a distraction that once again someone had possession of a gun that shouldn't have. Now we know it is because of this "you get the gun by default" loophole in the law.  I'm not holding my breath on that getting fixed, though.

Spin and sour grapes.  Nothing more.

This article makes some valid points when viewed on the national level where the Trump campaign currently plays.  And yes, the Republican Party may be becoming a regional party, but God help those in those regions.  The red states are being devastated by Fox viewers and the politicians that live by their talking points. Every progressive element since the new deal that the states can control is rapidly being rolled back and the mostly city swelling liberals in those states are watching in horror as the Fox-dazed rural masses keep hating their way to creating their own mini failed states. 

Abiatha Swelter The may not be perfectly uniform but they are damn close. Of all the declared candidates, we can expect these same basic policies:

Reduced taxes for businesses and the wealthy

Reduced regulation on business.  (Repealing ACA is included here)

Privatization of the Commons

We can also expect most to increase Defense spending, start a war, and do nothing significant on immigration.

The only real difference between them is how strident they are on social issues and the degree to which they will embarrass themselves and the country as a whole.

Bad wording.  "Us" was in the universal sense.  I probably should have referred to "People"  instead.  It just surprises me that so many people with so much to lose just can't control themselves when it comes to sex.  From politicians and big time preachers to your friend that screwed his family with some dumb affair.

Personally, I like sex well enough but I can't think of any sex that would be good enough to risk my marriage less some nationally known reputation.  And that is just consensual sex, not this criminal act.  It just puzzles me the priority people give to this in their lives.

He was a kind of  childhood hero for this white boy.  Dad brought home one of his comedy albums, I loved it memorized it, redid the routine for my friends and he became my favorite comedian at least until I discovered Carlin. (thanks again to Dad - he loved comedy albums) But Cosby was more visible and I went on to watch I Spy, his first sitcom (with the great Quincy Jones theme song) read his biography (possibly my first) and even enjoyed his Fat Albert cartoons before later watching his second sitcom with the rest of America.

Thankfully time has passed, so when the charges came out and seemed pretty credible I wasn't crushed, just disappointed.  His "Poundcake Speech" which I probably read about here, seemed to put him well into the too rich, out of touch, Get off my lawn lifestage anyway.  Still, the man's work did bring me plenty of enjoyment and now all that is tarnished now making it difficult to remember or revisit fondly.

Sex.  How do so many of us get so screwed up around sex?

TommyD6of11 Because the insurance companies left to their own devices were sigficantly worse.

NotARepublican She may not need to say it, but wanted to.

Former Republican Fona freemaec "Southern Pride" is also the first thing racists claim the flag represents.  What portion of that 57% are they?

Pierogi kid If Hogan's Heros were set in within the past few decades and the heros rather than the opposition were wearing the swastikas, you just might have a point.

spktruth200 Odin's legacy Shakedown = asked. I'm for Bernie also but not because of this.

JustSlider The_Pragmatist The point is that the flag flown by the Government is a validation. The very definition of a flag is as a symbol of allegiance.  Why do you think after territory is conquered in a war the first act is to hoist the victor's flag?  We they just putting up a piece of cloth?  

In this case, the confederate flag flying out side the S.C. state house is telling every racist in the state  "Sure, we are supposed to comply with all that Federal Civil Rights crap but in truth we are really with you". or in short: Hey racists, we have your back!"

I will not state that the flag caused Roof's actions, but we know full well what it meant to him and I don't think it is going out on a limb to think that his seeing the flag flying officially in Charleston and probably plenty of other smaller towns throughout the state, told him the whote people in the state are really behind him.

That is why this "peice of cloth" is a problem that has to go.  There are only so many Dylan Roofs, fortunately, but there is no shortage of racists who try to make some minority person's life a little more miserable, what ever chance they get, and often violence is not ruled out.

All of the existing Governors in this race seem to believe in failing up.  Their records as Governors in terms of economic stability, job growth, poverty levels, strength of the middle class... they are all awful.  They did manage to smoke, mirror and fund raise their way to a second term, but after that, the smoke clears and there they stand as failures.  Only they can't be bothered with such low-ball crap anymore because they are now off running for the big enchilada.  Better to bounce around the country and land wherever your advance team can find enough people to cheer for you than actually fix the mess you made. 

In fact just leave the clean up to the Democrats, they like that sort of crap, right?  And once they get everything in order maybe one of your kids can march in screaming "Tax cuts" and start it all over again.

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