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Clifford Spencer Was George Zimmerman acquitted because he was innocent or because his victim was black?

Registering people to vote and encouraging them to vote Democratic? Shocking. The proper way to handle a situation like this, as Cliven Bundy demonstrated, is to encourage gun totin' self appointed militia members to show up with military-grade weapons and set up sniper nests on overpasses in order to kill government agents. Oh wait, that's only if you're white, isn't it?

Nete Peedham rd That's okay, I provided an example above. See my comment.

Salon, oh, Salon -- how many times did Camille Paglia repeat the false claim that Nancy Pelosi had compared Tea Partiers to Nazis? 3. Which respected on-line opinion zine let her do it? You know which one. How many times did the editors correct her demonstrably false claim? 0. Why did you let her get away with it? BALANCE (aka clicks from Drudge). Yes, lazyheaded tolerance of false claims is a major problem in what passes for news media today. But let him who is without sin among you cast the first stone.

@Boots & Saddles Well then you need to catch up a bit. Why not start by ordering a Jesus fish with the name of Bush inscribed inside the fish outline?

Unfortunately, you can no longer watch the clip from the movie "Jesus Camp" that shows children praying in front of a life-size cardboard cut-out of Dubbya, but if you rent the DVD of the movie you can see it. The video does exist. I also recall an incident when Bush was on the campaign trail in 2004. A local campaign official introduced him to the crowd with a speech that ended thusly: "I believe in Jesus Christ (meaninful pause) and I believe in President George Bush!" Afterward he was described as shaking Bush's hand and saying "I wanted to say more, but they knew what I meant." 

In addition to the religious stuff, of course, there was the calculated creation of an image of Bush as a homoerotic butch love object for conservative men. And some allegedly not so conservative; Chris Matthews almost needed a cold shower after describing the Commander Codpiece gig on the aircraft carrier. Here's a doozy for you: Bear in mind that this hypermacho image is in honor of the man on whose watch the U.S. suffered its worst ever breach of national security. Beginning to notice a bit of a pattern yet, as in, a near Messianic cult of personality that would have made Chairman Mao blush? 

Frank650 Link Baxter No attacking police, are you serious? I saw the photos of men on overpasses aiming powerful rifles at law enforcement agents, and just itching to start killing them. They would have done it if the grown-ups -- in this case, the Feds, hadn't decided it wasn't worth provoking violence when you could just put the old crook in bankruptcy with a few liens.

fistgame72 Of COURSE people now are whining (or gloating, depending on affiliation) that Obama was "weak." But what if there had been another Waco siege? That didn't do much for Clinton's reputation for leadership, did it? In both cases, I doubt the Federal government in D.C. had much to do with decisions on the ground in a dangerous situation. But I think that although it's galling to see a sleaze like Bundy get away with his cowboy act in the short term, the BLM was right that overdue grazing fees were not worth human lives. In the meantime, you can be sure that every piece of property Bundy owns has had massive liens slapped on it, and he'll never be able to sell any of his cattle to anyone. His heirs will have nightmares dealing with his estate when the old coot finally dies of senility. And the militia dorks who haven't already wandered away are starting to fight with eachother out of boredom, which is very entertaining, as long as they don't take out any innocent bystanders when the shooting starts.

peaceofmind We don't have to guess what would happen. When the original Black Panther Party staged an open carry protest in Sacramento in 1967, to make exactly the same point as the contemporary open-carriers (that they had the right to self-defense and had the weapons with which to do it), California passed very stiff gun control legislation. No right wingers uttered a peep about the unfair infringement of 2nd amendment rights. Saint Ronald Reagan, then governor of CA, signed that bill faster than you could say "white fear."

CanuckinNYC This will make me about the ten millionth person to labor this obvious point, but the people insisting that the kid 'shouldn't have resisted" were probably cheering on Cliven Bundy when he practically threatened to start a civil war rather than pay his overdue grazing fees.

wareagle The way "justifiable" is used these days makes it a very flexible criterion. You may legally kill someone if you "reasonably" feel threatened, even if the person in question is unarmed and hasn't done anything to bother you until you started to pursue him. Apparently, it stops short of opening your front door and shooting an unarmed woman in the face. That's nice to know, at least, although too late to save the life of the young woman. 

GregAbdul Apparently you learned your history from Rush Revere books. I lived through those times, and don't remember it the same way you do.

GregAbdul Dr. Snailboy What is the new way for blacks to fight for advancement? By exercising their right to vote -- oops! We better start passing stringent photo ID laws! Better make sure that if a 100 year old grandmother brings in a family Bible in order to register we can send her to the other end of town to pay $25 to a different agency to get a birth certificate and then come back here, knowing she doesn't drive a car. Better make sure that the number of voting machines provided in November are about a quarter as many as the neighborhoods will need. Better get the cops out in force on election day to harass anyone who looks like he might be headed for the polls. Gotta put a lid on that one tight before something really damaging happens, like the election of a black President -- uh oh, forget the voter ID laws, get out the tear gas.

Cork222 Where do you think? The military is selling its surplus gear to police forces.

PeteyG Well, the Salem witch trials didn't stop until the hysteria began leading to accusations against powerful and wealthy citizens. The child abuse witch hunts in the '80s didn't stop until upper middle class people with the financial means to pay for psychoanalysis began coming up with "recovered memories" about abuse by their parents, who could afford good lawyers. That's the way it often goes.

Big Text It's been tried. Got a batch of conservative Republicans to pass gun control laws faster than you can say "white panic."

tramky Zimmerman's story about how Martin slammed his head against the pavement is a) contradicted by the position of Martin's body when it was found, several feet away from the pavement b) is contradicted by the fact that Zimmerman was able to draw his gun, which was holstered behind the small of his back. Could you get your hand behind your back if you were pinned down in wet grass by a 6 foot tall, 200-some pound man? and c) about as believable as "Officer, that tree just jumped out in front of my car."

Let's face it, Zimmerman is a sick little fantasist who wants to be a cop but can't get hired because he's unfit. He's had violent episodes and episodes of bizarre behavior both before and after the murder. He's a very poor hero, but just the type that you racists like to try to, as it were, whitewash because you're sure that if a white man stalked and killed a black teenager, the kid must somehow have had it coming.

alterego55 mcartri Bleeding Heart and Proud wilbur goldstein And of saying something that a white police officer interpreted to be a diss. That was all it took.

MysteryPrincess Well, he found an ecological niche where he could thrive. But it may be that being a black conservative these days means keeping company that even he can't tolerate.

mcartri And Cliven Bundy and a lot of his supporters would be dead as doornails if they were black.

@raptor Well, we know how a conservative governor (Reagan) and Republican legislature reacted to an "open carry" demonstration in Sacramento back in 1967 when the open carriers happened to be the Black Panthers. Interestingly, their justification was identical to that of the right-wing open-carriers today: they had a 2nd amendment right to defend themselves, and were demonstrating that they could and would.

Well, isn't this the same guy who lectured the entire city of New Orleans during Katrina for becoming so dependent on government that they needed to be rescued from their rooftops during a huge flood? And who lecture poor people to work harder and make something of themselves so that this wouldn't happen to them? He's become a grotesque caricature of racist opinion.

CrunchyFrog Or Laura Bush's. I saw a photo of her standing next to Hillary Clinton once, and they were exactly the same size. Right wing radio blatherers had just spent 8 years referring to the First Lady as "hippo hips Hillary." Did anyone say a word about Laura Bush's figure? Of course not. It would have been considered treason and probably would have got you sent to Gitmo.

@Ashgrove @Its only me Well, she has to be fat because everyone knows black women are always fat. Who you gonna believe, Tea Party dogma or your own eyes?
 (SERIOUS sarcasm, BTW, in case the irony impaired think I really meant it).

J.C. Miller And I am horrified by gratuitous rudeness to anyone, whether it's the First Lady or the lady who serves you your triple-bacon-cheeseburger at McDonald's while you lecture her that her job isn't important enough to merit a higher minimum wage.

PPCC Tacitus Talks Don't ask the Obamas why the servings are skimpy, ask the townships that collect the millages for the schools. At least they're spending what little money the taxpayers want to give them for nutritious food as opposed to potato chips and pork rinds.

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