Newt to Colbert: I lost because Romney had more billionaire friends

The former presidential candidate talked to Colbert about the "billionaire fight" that was the election

By Jillian Rayfield
November 14, 2012 7:21PM (UTC)
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Newt Gingrich (The Colbert Report)
Newt Gingrich stopped by "The Colbert Report" and talked to Stephen Colbert about super PACs and his primary loss to Mitt Romney, pointing out that he had a billionaire friend who helped him out a lot (Sheldon Adelson), but Romney had many more billionaire friends.
"It turned out 26 billionaires beat one," Gingrich said.
"That would make a great reality show, Billionaire Fight," Colbert replied.
"We just had it, it was called the election," Gringrich shot back.
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Part 2:

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