Weird news: College grad returns toilet paper years after prank occurred

But the school will donate the toilet paper to charity because it doesn't fit in the school's dispensers

By Associated Press
November 30, 2012 3:19AM (UTC)
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PORTALES, N.M. — University officials say a New Mexico college graduate, apparently feeling guilty over a student prank years ago, has sent a box of toilet paper to repay the school for loot taken from a dormitory.

Eastern New Mexico University says it received the yuletide gift box this week along with a Christmas card and written apology.


The box contained five packages of 16 rolls of two-ply, septic-safe tissue for a total of 80 rolls.

The anonymous writer apologized for stealing bathroom tissue years ago and said a new dedication to Christian faith led to the deed.

It was unclear whether the gift itself was a prank. But university officials say "all is forgiven."


The toilet paper is being donating to a nearby charity because it doesn't fit the school's dispensers.

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