Tina Fey and Amy Poehler demonstrate why they will be the best Golden Globe hosts ever

The two comedians outline a drinking game and other stunts they hope to perform this Sunday

By Prachi Gupta
Published January 10, 2013 4:50AM (UTC)
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As comedians Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will remind you again and again, the best part about the Golden Globes is that attendees can drink and that the "ragged people" of TV are "just lucky to be there." In an interview online today at the Hollywood Reporter's website, the hilarious duo provides five excellent reasons you will want to tune in to watch this Sunday.

1. The Golden Globes are weird, and they know it:


Tina Fey: Well, Amy, you’ve been asked to perform at the Super Bowl a bunch of times.

Amy Poehler: That’s right. But I told them my show is too big for that venue. And I was actually one of the people carrying stuff at the Olympics Opening Ceremony, but nobody noticed. [Laughs.] No, we’ve fortunately been to a few of these awards show things now, and we’ve had some fun while we were there. And then the Golden Globes is just quirky and weird enough, I think that it’s up our alley.

2. They might start off with a long, sad goodbye song to each other and then walk off the stage:

Poehler: I was watching Bette Midler sing to Johnny Carson on his last [Tonight Show], and I thought: Maybe we should just sing to each other, Tina, like a really sad goodbye to each other?

Fey: At the beginning of the show. [Laughs.]

THR: And then just drop the mic and walk off?

Fey: But at the beginning. And just a long, slow, indulgent song where we do a lot of inside jokes.

3. They are totally winging this:

THR: Have you made any effort at all?

Fey: Not yet.

Poehler: I just watched The Impossible, which is unbelievable. Holy moly, it was so good. The young actor in that, Tom Holland. Best acting I’ve seen all year. He’s not nominated for a Golden Globe, but I might accidentally read his name.

Fey: We don’t care!

4. They have a drinking game:

Fey: Any time an actress cries in a speech, drink. Any time you see a person actively not listening to someone onstage, drink.

Poehler: Any time someone says, “I didn’t prepare anything!”

Fey: Any time anyone thanks Harvey Weinstein, eat a meatball sub.

5. They are going to look fantastic:

Poehler: I was doing some talk shows, and I asked both Jimmy and Conan O’Brien. Everyone says, “Make sure you’re enjoying doing it and make sure you have fun and keep it loose.” I think Tina and I aren’t worried about that. We just want to make sure we look amazing. We don’t care what we say. I have to get my head peel done before Jan. 13.

Fey: I want to look like a really young candle.

The young candles will co-host the 70th annual Golden Globes Jan. 13, airing at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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