What was the fateful change that forever ruined a TV series?

We ask our favorite TV critics the all-important question, as we watch "Community" and "Smash" implode

By Willa Paskin - The Blue Glow Award Critics

Published February 8, 2013 4:09PM (EST)

Last night’s “Community,” the first of the series’ fourth season, was also the first made without creator Dan Harmon, the difficult perfectionist who had made it the most ambitious, genre-goofing comedy on TV. Since Harmon got fired last spring, it’s been very hard to imagine “Community” staying “Community” without him. The new episode, despite being a good-faith, fittingly meta-effort, only solidified this: The new iteration of “Community” feels like a zombified one.  This got us thinking: What are some other changes, be they a behind the scenes personnel switch, a plot point, or a casting decision, that forever ruined a popular TV show? We took to Twitter to ask the TV critics who participated in our year-end Blue Glow Awards their opinions (and sparked a great debate about “Moonlighting” in the process.) Here’s what they had to say.

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