New York City pitches $20 billion plan to prep for climate change

The plan would include flood walls, among other things

By Jillian Rayfield

Published June 11, 2013 8:41PM (EDT)

A proposal in New York City would set aside $20 billion to prepare the city for the effects of climate change, including building floodwalls and other storm barriers to protect the city.

Reuters reports:

The sweeping plan includes 250 recommendations, ranging from installing floodwalls and storm barriers to upgrades of power and telecommunications infrastructures.

With the Big Apple facing significant impacts from climate change in the decades to come -- including becoming as hot as Birmingham, Alabama, by 2050 -- the plan aims to make sure that New York City's extensive subway, transit, sewer and water, energy and food distribution systems will still be able to serve the more than 8 million people who live there.

The recommendations follow a new report, released on Monday, detailing how the city will be affected over the next several decades. From the New York Times:

Administration officials said that between 1971 and 2000, New Yorkers had an average of 18 days a year with temperatures at or above 90 degrees. By the 2020s, that figure could be as high as 33 days, and by the 2050s, it could reach 57, according to data collected by the New York City Panel on Climate Change.

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