Best of the worst: Right-wing tweets on the Texas abortion battle

Conservatives' most discordant responses to Wendy Davis

By Alex Halperin
Published July 1, 2013 8:30PM (EDT)

The Texas Legislature began a short special session today that conservatives hope will make the state a much harder place to obtain an abortion. As activists stormed the state Capitol, pundits waged the abortion wars on Twitter. Here at Salon, we've published a few of these "best of the worst" roundups but they're not usually this angry:

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We especially liked this one:
[embedtweet id ="351769549948977154"]

And this appeared at National Review's blog the Corner:

Texas state senator Dan Patrick criticized Wendy Davis’s filibuster in opposition to SB 5 on Laura Ingraham’s radio program this morning, remarking that in attacking the bill, Davis seemed to be advocating for “lower standards for abortion clinics.”

“The idea that the Democrats stood there on the floor and people around them cheered . . . hurts your heart,” he said, adding that Davis’s reasons for filibustering are “hard to understand.”

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