8 people who are more excited for the Royal Baby than you are

Everyone from MIT scientists to a guy wearing a Union Jack outfit are psyched for Kate Middleton to give birth

By Prachi Gupta
Published July 12, 2013 5:55PM (EDT)

You might not be excited about the first child of the Duchess of Cambridge and her husband, Prince William, but aside from Thursday night's "Sharknado," the birth of the Royal Child is probably the most anticipated event in July. These folks will show you how baby-watching is done:

This 77-year-old guy is excited

Seventy-seven-year-old Terry Hutt has already arrived at the hospital wing where Middleton is expected to give birth. Hutt is decked out in Union Jack attire, complete with flags and banners. "The Queen knows me as the Union Jack man as I'm always dressed up in red, white and blue," he told Hello Magazine. "They're my colours and she'll always talk to me; we've talked about her mum before."

Alison Jackson is excited

Kate Middleton look-alike Alison Jackson took a detailed photo shoot depicting what a day in the life of pregnant Kate Middleton is like. Apparently this involves lots of lamaze, hula-hoops and tanning.

The Daily Beast is excited

The news organization created a microsite devoted to the countdown.

People milling about in Heathrow Airport are excited

Immediately following the birth, the first 1,000 arriving travelers in each terminal will receive these T-shirts, riffing off the British WWII poster "Keep calm and carry on" but instead bearing the arguably less catchy: "Celebrating a very special new arrival."

These bookies are excited

Scientists are excited

Scientists at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard predicted what the Royal Baby might grow up to look like, rendering these images. Based on graduate student Jenny Chen's analysis, the Huffington Post writes that "the child has a 50 per cent chance of having either green or blue eyes like its parents and it is likely to inherit the Duchess of Cambridge’s olive skin colour, which is dominant over Prince William’s paler complexion. The royal baby is also likely to have full lips and an oval face, although there is no way of determining whether it will inherit its mother’s famous nose."

Designers are excited

British celebrity jewelry designer Theo Fennell has created an 18-karat white gold, jewel-encrusted charm bracelet that also serves as a diaper rash cream holder in honor of the Royal Baby. It's reportedly worth over $15,000, but won't go to the baby -- the item will be auctioned off to charity instead.

The Sun is excited

Not to be outdone by the Daily Beast, the U.K.-based site created an interactive feature celebrating the Royal Baby.

Presumably, William and Kate are quite excited, too.

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