Ladies of "The View" slam Ken Cuccinelli's sodomy remarks, declare their own proclivities

The panel defends non-procreative sex, and Whoopi Goldberg wonders aloud if Cuccinelli has ever, ahem, "partaken"

Published July 22, 2013 8:54PM (EDT)

    (YouTube via ThinkProgress)
(YouTube via ThinkProgress)

Virginia Attorney General (and gubernatorial hopeful) Ken Cuccinelli is the worst, and the ladies of "The View" are wonderfully pro-oral sex.

On Monday, the panel issued a rousing defense of non-procreative sex of all stripes before Whoopi Goldberg wondered aloud if Cuccinelli had ever, ahem, "partaken" in these activities himself.

Because you know how the saying goes: Let he who is without sodomy cast the first anti-sodomy stone.

Video via ThinkProgress

By Katie McDonough

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