Glenn Beck: Rodeo clown with Obama mask is "a very brave artist"

Beck went on to compare the clown's ban from Missouri state fairs to the McCarthy era

By Jillian Rayfield

Published August 15, 2013 4:26PM (EDT)

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A rodeo clown, banned for life from Missouri state fairs for wearing an Obama mask during a show, has picked up another defender in Glenn Beck, who likened the controversy to the McCarthy era.

"This is telling a story and it's the story of fear," Beck said on his show. "It shows how afraid this administration is. They are afraid, literally, of a rodeo clown. They can't afford to have anybody critical of the President."

"We had the McCarthy era," he continued, "where you were silenced because you were a Communist. I've got news for you: You may not see rodeo clowns as art or entertainment, but it is. This is an artist. A very brave artist, believe it or not, rodeo clowns. They could get mauled by a bull at any time."

The clown has also gotten support from Texas Rep. Steve Stockman, who invited him to perform in Texas because “Liberals have targeted this man for personal destruction to create a climate of fear.” Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan also encouraged President Obama to do the "classy" thing and defend the clown.

Watch, via Right Wing Watch:

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