Colbert: End government shutdown so GOP can get back to "important work of crippling the government"

"The Colbert Report" mocks Republicans over the lack of progress to end the government shutdown

By Prachi Gupta
October 4, 2013 5:25PM (UTC)
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On the third day of the government shutdown, President Barack Obama met with congressional leaders, hoping to find a resolution that would get the government operating again. But the only agreement they made ... was that the leaders agree on nothing.

"The only thing they actually agreed on was that they made no progress, but that agreement is, itself, progress," joked "Colbert Report" host Stephen Colbert. "So the only thing they agreed on was wrong and now we're back at square one."


But Republicans, who forced the government shutdown, don't even seem to be sure of what they want Obama to offer. "No, folks, Republicans don't want to shut the government down," Colbert explained. "They want to end this stalemate and get back to the important work of crippling the government."

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