Pat Robertson to elderly woman: Your husband is sick because you aren't giving enough money to your church

Pat Robertson is full of really good advice

Published October 4, 2013 6:16PM (EDT)


Pat Robertson, medical expert and internationally renowned financial adviser, recently shared his wisdom with an elderly "700 Club" viewer who is in such financial dire straits that she has to choose between tithing to her church or paying her husband's medical expenses.

The woman, who is “retired and living on a small pension and Social Security income” and “barely [has] any money," asked Robertson if maybe, after a lifetime of tithing, she could prioritize her husband's healthcare over her financial service to the church.

Robertson's response? Of course she can't stop tithing. In fact, her husband is sick because she isn't tithing enough. 

Citing a verse from the book of Malichi, Robertson said, "Your husband has all these medical problems because the ‘devour’ has not been rebuked. You need to rebuke him. You give your tithes faithfully and God said, ‘I will rebuke the devour,’ the person that is eating up your money and eating up your health. So you want to be healthy? That’s a promise in the Word.”

Watch it here:

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