Must-see morning clip: Do not compare the Obamacare glitch to Hurricane Katrina, please

Jon Stewart scolds the media for calling "Obama's Katrina"

By Prachi Gupta

Published November 19, 2013 5:29PM (EST)

"It is hard to overstate what a low point this is in Barack Obama's presidency," Jon Stewart said soberly on "The Daily Show" Monday night, referring to the national embarrassment of the Affordable Care Act's website launch.

"Hard to overstate -- but not impossible," he clarified, before running clips of news anchors suggesting that is President Obama's Katrina-like disaster. "Yes, I believe we've all seen the damning photos of the presidential flyover surveying the human suffering of the website from a safe distance," joked Stewart.

Stewart then scolded the media: "Look, I'm not trying to polish the dot-turd that is, but comparing the government abdication of responsibility to during Hurricane Katrina -- the death of hundreds of people, the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people -- to a bullshit website ... is offensive."

Prachi Gupta

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