Watch out, Kanye and Kim: Putting your partner in a music video is a relationship killer!

Five warnings from music history

By Katie McDonough

Published November 19, 2013 6:20PM (EST)

The Internet is currently very excited about Kanye West's new music video. Some people are wondering, "Is it a joke?" Other people are wondering, "Is it not a joke?"

I will leave the artistic merits of "Bound 2" to be critiqued by others, but I will share a simple observation: Putting your partner in a music video is never a good idea. It is like a relationship curse, and there is ample evidence from the annals of music history to prove this highly scientific point.

Observe this extensively researched list of five couples who broke up after co-starring in a music video, and consider yourselves warned.

Madonna and Sean Penn in "Live to Tell"

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley in "You Are Not Alone"

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in "Jenny From the Block" 

Britney Spears and Jason Trawick in "Criminal" 

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey in "The Sweetest Sin" 

Katie McDonough

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