Donald Trump and other birthers reignite conspiracy theories in wake of Loretta Fuddy's death

The tragic death of Hawaii's Department of Health director has got birthers like Trump worked up yet again

Published December 13, 2013 3:25PM (EST)

Loretta Fuddy, the Hawaii public official who verified and approved the release of President Barack Obama's birth certificate, died on Wednesday, the only fatality in a tragic plane accident that occurred off the coast of Molokai.

Like clockwork, this sent the birther movement into a tizzy of speculation.

Donald Trump, for example, was quick to insinuate something nefarious afoot:

Orly Taitz, the so-called Birther Queen, was also on the case, demanding that various courts and judges reexamine her case against the president "before more people die in strange accidents."

The Los Angeles Times also found some examples of people on Twitter trying to get to the "truth" of Fuddy's passing.

And as Philip Bump of The Wire noted, the far-right WorldNetDaily ran a story alleging that Fuddy had been "killed" — which is technically true but somewhat misleading.

No word yet from conspiracy theorist par excellence Alex Jones, but one imagines it's only a matter of time.

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By Elias Isquith

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