Richie Incognito sorry for "acting like big baby," not so much for racist and homophobic harassment

The Miami Dolphins guard called Jonathan Martin his "brother," says he has "no hard feelings"

By Katie McDonough

Published February 18, 2014 7:14PM (EST)

Richie Incognito       (AP/Wilfredo Lee)
Richie Incognito (AP/Wilfredo Lee)

Last week, the NFL released a 144-page report detailing Miami Dolphins guard Richie Incognito's racist and homophobic harassment of lineman Jonathan Martin. The investigation concluded that Incognito and others on the team, including offensive line coach Jim Turner, subjected Martin and other players to a "pattern" of such harassment.

Incognito deleted his Twitter account the day the report went public; he reactivated it on Monday, and soon launched into a series of bizarre tweets that suggest he is somehow the real victim of the shameful mess he created.

In one tweet, he offers an "apology" to Martin by telling him that he is his "brother" and has "no hard feelings."

Incognito does not appear interested in addressing the harm he caused Martin, or the racist and homophobic climate he created on the team.

More from the last 24 hours:

[embedtweet id="435546163991678976"]

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He then reteweeted this:

[embedtweet id="435673135715606528"]

Incognito's contract with the Dolphins is about to expire, which means he could be signed to another team.

It's unclear what the future holds for Incognito. But if some in the NFL believe that living openly as a gay man can put your career in jeopardy; what do those same anonymous insiders think being exposed as an unrepentant bigot will do to Incognito's prospects?

Whatever happens next, it'll be a lesson in how the NFL defines itself -- and its idea of accountability.

Katie McDonough

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