Do you really need to pee? There's an app for that

Just in time for Mardi Gras, AirPnp allows people to rent out their bathrooms to revelers with full bladders

By Sarah Gray
March 4, 2014 11:36PM (UTC)
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Yesterday Salon shared the innovative solution to San Francisco's public urination problem -- The PPlanter -- a unisex urinal that doubles as a bamboo garden.  Today just in time for booze fueled Mardi Gras debauchery, and undoubtedly full bladders we're happy to introduce AirPnP.

Modeled after the sharing economy's popular AirBnB, the web app helps you find a place to relieve yourself after too many Abitas along the parade route, or Hurricanes and Hand Grenades in the French Quarter.


Public urination -- or as the app creators call it a "rogue pee" -- is an issue at Mardi Gras that will land you with a fine or Orleans Parish Prison.  There is even a whole section on dedicated to helping merrymakers find a place to pop a squat.  According to the website, "Something like 90 percent of the arrests made each year along the parade routes and in the French Quarter during Mardi Gras season are related to people urinating in public."  The AirPnP creators, both New Orleans natives, have a solution:

"When there aren't enough bathrooms nearby for the amount of people in any given location Airpnp is there to save the day. Airpnp gives residences and businesses the opportunity to rent out their bathrooms to people in their immediate location who need to use it. This currently happens through a mobile optimized web app (native apps are in the works!). Users are able to rate their pee experience afterwards to others can see how each restroom stacks up."

Renters post profiles of their restrooms, along with prices and there is an opportunity to review each bathroom post relieving yourself.  There are currently 29 AirPnP spots in New Orleans right now, such as Funky French Quarter flusher who is charging $5.oo for number one and double that to "drop the kids off at the pool."

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