Police report: Alleged serial rapist and former NFL player Darren Sharper boasted to witnesses about raping two victims

According to the police report, two of Sharper's alleged victims were "impaired" by an unknown substance

By Katie McDonough
March 8, 2014 12:27AM (UTC)
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Former NFL safety Darren Sharper (Bob Chamberlin/AP)

Former NFL player and, until six days ago, NFL Network employee Darren Sharper boasted to multiple witnesses that he raped two women in New Orleans, according to a police report.

Sharper is currently facing multiple sexual assault charges in California and New Orleans, and is suspected of raping nine women across five states. He turned himself in to Los Angeles authorities last week.


According to the police report obtained by USA Today, two of Sharper's alleged victims were "impaired" by an unknown substance at the time of the alleged assault.

More from USA Today:

An acquaintance who had key access later arrived to find Sharper dressed in boxer shorts and Nunez exiting a bedroom, also in boxer shorts, the report states. The report does not specify whose apartment they were in, but does say Nunez was seen "exiting the bedroom known to him as Darren Sharper's bedroom."

"Through further investigation by the [detectives] it was learned that Nunez and Sharper admitted to other known witnesses that he and Sharper had… sex with victims #1 and #2 without their knowledge or permission," the report states. [...]

A hearing will be held in Los Angeles on Friday on efforts to extradite Sharper to New Orleans to face aggravated rape charges. Police suspect him of raping nine women in five states since September: two in New Orleans, two in Arizona, two in Los Angeles, two in Las Vegas and one in Miami.

Sharper has been formally charged only in the Los Angeles case and has pleaded not guilty.

All the cases follow a similar pattern, according to police reports and court documents: The women say there were raped by Sharper after becoming intoxicated or drugged by him after a night of partying.

The other cases remain under investigation. Sharper's attorneys have disputed the allegations.


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