The most searched-for women on porn sites worldwide

Lisa Kudrow is all the rage in Cameroon, while Danes can't get enough Mariah Carey

By Ej Dickson
March 12, 2014 2:30AM (UTC)
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The French love Emma Watson. The Danes can’t get enough of Mariah Carey. And if you ever pay a visit to Cameroon, you’ll win points with the locals if you drop the name of renowned Cameroonian sex symbol, Lisa Kudrow.

This is just a sampling of the results from an infographic on (NSFW), which shows you “who the world is fapping to” in an interactive map showing the three most searched-for women on the porn site by country. The map also reveals the top three most searched-for women worldwide: adult performers Alexis Texas and Lisa Ann, and Disney Channel pop star Selena Gomez (who to me looks a little bit like a chipmunk in a Fran Drescher wig, but I suppose there’s no accounting for taste).


Much like similar studies commissioned by the data-crunching sites Pornhub Insights and PornMD, the interactive map offers a fascinating glimpse into global sexual predilections. This particularly applies to countries like the Sudan, where the top search term is “girl on dick,” and notoriously anti-gay Russia, where the third most searched-for adult performer is gay porn star Alan Stafford (this aligns with previous findings indicating a link between religious fundamentalist countries and LGBTQ porn searches).

Of course, the potential sociological implications of porn searches aside,’s map is also interesting from a voyeuristic perspective. For whatever reason, it’s just fun (to grammatically alter’s parlance a bit) to see to whom the world is fapping. Scroll over the map to see the most searched-for performer in your country. And Cameroon, no disrespect to Lisa Kudrow, but perhaps you should try harder.

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