Survey: Majority of Americans want term limits for Supreme Court justices, think high court is too political

In an increasingly divided country, it seems that everyone can agree that they hate the Supreme Court

By Katie McDonough
May 7, 2014 8:09PM (UTC)
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According to a new survey on the public's faith in the Supreme Court, an overwhelming majority of Americans want major reforms -- including term limits and more transparency in court proceedings and justices' personal disclosures -- and feel that the high court has become too politicized to trust.

The survey, conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, found that disenchantment with the high court cut across demographic and partisan lines -- only 35 percent of survey respondents felt confidence in the Supreme Court. Interestingly, Democrats had slightly more positive feelings about the conservative court than Republicans or Independents. Researchers also found that 80 percent of respondents opposed the Citizens United ruling, and 51 percent said that they believed the recent McCutcheon decision lifting limits on political giving would lead to an increase in corruption.


Strong majorities also supported reform measures, including term limits on justices and broadcasting hearings to the public.

More from the survey on court reforms:

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