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Mitt Romney, who has never won a presidential election, gives advice on winning presidential elections

Romney shares his thoughts on 2016, calls Hillary Clinton "clueless"

Katie McDonough
June 15, 2014 10:25PM (UTC)

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Sunday shared his advice on how to win a presidential election, which is something that he has never actually been able to do.

“I’m not running for president,” Romney said on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” but urged the person who does run for president against Hillary Clinton -- if Hillary Clinton runs for president -- to focus on Clinton's record as secretary of state. “The playbook, I believe, is to look at her record,” he said. “You have to say it’s been a monumental bust.”


Romney added that the Republican nominee should be sure to "let it go" and let love into his or her heart, per the Maureen Dowd school of advice for winning presidential elections. (Just kidding. He did not really say that.)

Katie McDonough

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