The Onion launches web series parodying the New York Times Wedding announcements

It's great

By Prachi Gupta
Published June 19, 2014 2:09AM (UTC)
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Just two weeks after Onion spin-off Clickhole, a send-up of viral content creators, launched, the Onion has released the first three videos in its web series parodying the New York Times Wedding Announcement section.

The section, populated by New York's cultural elite illustrates, has been described by Wedding Crunchers app creator Todd Schneider as "the hypocrisy of the Times being this liberal institution that still really cares about your resume and what your parents do for a living." It's comeuppance, like the New York Times Style Section, is long overdue.


The Onion has reduced the wedding announcements to "Who's Fucking?" and it's fucking great. The three videos released so far are a little NSFW, however, so you can check them out here.

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