Jeremy Meeks' viral mug shot gives Stephen Colbert "hope for America's broken prison system"

The comedian ridicules the social media attention being given to the convict

By Prachi Gupta
June 24, 2014 5:53PM (UTC)
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While the story of Jeremy Meeks, the felon whose mug shot went viral, has made many upset by the frivolity of social media and the general public, it gives Stephen Colbert "hope for America's broken prison system." On Monday night, the comic mocked the thousands who willfully overlooked the convict's crimes just because he has an attractive face.

"One out every of 18 men in this country is incarcerated," said Colbert. "And when you look at all the young lives trapped in the cycle of poverty, violence and imprisonment, you start to realize: Maybe it's because they're total uggos."


Showing a picture of the three "tragic less-than-hotness" men Meeks was arrested with, Colbert said, "Sorry, but no one's starting a Facebook page titled, 'Free These Guys, They've Got a Great Sense of Humor.'"

"Our prisons don't need reform," quipped Colbert, "they need makeovers."

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