"Weird Al" gets his first No. 1 record after releasing his 8 hilarious videos in 8 days

And it is a great excuse to revisit all 8 videos

Published July 23, 2014 5:20PM (EDT)

 "Weird Al" Yankovich in the music video for "Foil."    (YouTube)
"Weird Al" Yankovich in the music video for "Foil." (YouTube)

After over 30 years of composing parody masterpieces, "Weird Al" Yankovic finally has a No. 1 record. "Mandatory Fun," which debuted on July 15 -- with a slew of inventive videos -- topped the Billboard 200 charts, beating out Jason Mraz's new album.

Yankovic, who has released 14 studio albums, including "Mandatory Fun," tweeted the news early Wednesday morning.

[embedtweet id="491893627107307520"]

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The album was accompanied by eight original music videos, which trickled out to the Internet over the course of eight days. The videos included parodies of Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines," Lorde's "Royals," Pharrell's "Happy" and others.

Billboard reported that "Mandatory Fun" sold "104,000 copies in the week ending July 20, according to Nielsen SoundScan."

This is not the first time that "Weird Al" Yankovic has been in the top 10, however. In 2006 "Straight Outta Lynwood" reached No. 10, and 2011's "Alpocalypse" reached No. 9.

Here are the videos that took the Internet by storm:

1) "Tacky"

2) "Word Crimes"

3) "Foil"

4) "Handy"

5) "Sports Song"

6) "First World Problems"

7) "Lame Claim to Fame"

8) "Mission Statement"

h/t US Weekly, Billboard

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