Mary Poppins, fed up with earning federal minimum wage, is quitting

Kristen Bell sheds light on the issue in a new Funny or Die sketch

Published July 24, 2014 3:15PM (EDT)

Mary Poppins, that magical English nanny who has kept the Banks children in line (and entertained millions of others through books, movies and the stage) since the 1930s, is quitting. Turns out that despite her charms and qualifications, she's only been making federal minimum wage all these years.

In this Funny or Die sketch, Kristen Bell stars as Poppins in modern-day America, explaining to the adorable Banks children in rhyme that, "In every job that must be done, you must be paid in more than fun." She then breaks out into song: "The pay's too low/I can't live on this dough! Just a three dollar increase can make a living wage!/It makes a living wage/It makes a living wage."

You can't make a living with fairy dust and love, no matter how supercalifragilisticexpialidocious you are.

By Prachi Gupta

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