Must-see morning clip: Jon Stewart mocks "creepy inmate" Rick Perry

Jon Stewart delves into the Rick Perry indictment, and his hilarious rebrand

Published August 29, 2014 1:31PM (EDT)

 "Orange is the new Blecch"                         (screenshot/The Daily Show)
"Orange is the new Blecch" (screenshot/The Daily Show)

Last night Jon Stewart keenly observed -- and proved -- that Rick Perry makes for some great comedy. "The Daily Show" host delved into the many interesting facets of the Rick Perry indictment, even commenting that Perry would make a "creepy inmate."

“Little bit of 'Orange Is the New Blecch,'” he jabbed.

Here's what Stewart boiled it down to: comedy. "Democrats are defending Perry because they really want Perry to run for president, because he will lose in an albeit entertaining fashion," Stewart mused. "Republicans are OK with this indictment, because that means he'll lose, albeit in an entertaining fashion."

Yet, he conceded that it's going to be "John Q. Six-Pack the plumber that ultimately decides Perry's fate." And the pundits seem to think that the indictment is going a long way to help Perry's image.

“Ah, the priceless ‘rebrand,’” Stewart joked. “From ‘forgetful doof’ to ‘possible felon.’ The same trick that worked when, after the BP Gulf oil spill, they renamed themselves ‘Amalgamated asbestos and c#ck punch, incorporated.’”

Watch below:

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