House GOP to get pre-election pep talk from Dick Cheney

Because when Republicans think of inspiration, they think of the former vice president, apparently

Published September 9, 2014 1:30PM (EDT)

Dick Cheney                    (AP/Luis Alvarez)
Dick Cheney (AP/Luis Alvarez)

After a long, hot and very racist summer, politicians are returning to D.C. this week to once again take up the mighty business of not governing the U.S. empire and fundraising for the next election, which in this case happens to be arriving in a matter of weeks, not years (though the politicians would be fundraising about as feverishly, either way).

So with those upcoming midterm elections in mind, the House GOP, according to a report from Politico, plans on Tuesday to receive a pep talk of sorts from that most charismatic and engaging of public speakers — former Vice President Dick Cheney.

According to Politico, Cheney's talk will attempt to "highlight the importance of keeping a GOP House majority," a goal that one would think Republican members of the House already share with adequate enthusiasm; and one, moreover, that nearly every analyst says the GOP can achieve on autopilot, due to gerrymandering and demographic trends.

Nevertheless, the man whose most famous pronouncements have come not in front of a podium but in conversation with colleagues and friends — "Fuck yourself" and "Reagan proved deficits don't matter" being two choice examples — will do his best to rally the faithful with his words.

More context for Cheney's address from HuffPo:

House Democrats, who would need a net gain of 17 seats to take back the majority,have notably outraised House Republicans this cycle. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the Democrats' fundraising arm, almost brought in as much money through their online fundraising efforts as their Republican counterpart, the National Republican Campaign Committee, collected overall.

Through July, House Republicans brought in less money than they did at around the same point in 2006, when Republicans went on to lose their majority in the House.

Meanwhile, Democrats' online efforts have significantly bolstered their haul. The DCCC collected almost $41 million online through July, nearly doubling the amount raised at this point in the 2012 election cycle.

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