John Oliver: U.S. does not welcome stopping ISIS any more than changing printer toner

Oliver demands that other countries -- like Peru -- step up

Published September 15, 2014 4:45PM (EDT)

 John Oliver      (screenshot/"Last Week Tonight")
John Oliver (screenshot/"Last Week Tonight")

On Sunday, John Oliver dissected a very specific part of President Obama's speech on military action against ISIS: "As Americans we welcome our responsibility to lead."

"Yeah, but do we welcome it in this case?" Oliver asked skeptically. "Or is like when the printer at work is out of toner and there's no one else around to fix it?"

"Aww shit, do I really have to take the lead on this again?" Oliver continued. "Fuck. Nobody else, nobody else."

Oliver states that ISIS needs to be dealt with, but he has a different solution.

"As difficult as this might be, Americans need to come together and demand -- with one voice -- that Peru should really do something about this." Watch below:

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