Let's all take a minute to process Louis C.K.'s feelings about Mars

The comedian shares some bizarre musings about the nature of the cosmos on Twitter

Published October 8, 2014 5:12PM (EDT)

BREAKING: Louis C.K. has tweeted something.

And not only has he issued a bunch of characters into cyberspace, but is now wondering about the space into which they, and we, dwell.

Just days after he tweeted this:

[embedtweet id="517752707042791427"]

and this:

[embedtweet id="518147360204279808"]

He broke a five-day silence and to share his musings on the origins of Earth, people-y types and the nature of the cosmos:

[embedtweet id="519877621929480193"]

[embedtweet id="519878355907534849"]

[embedtweet id="519885535016677376"]

[embedtweet id="519885750339641344"]

[embedtweet id="519886286052937728"]

[embedtweet id="519899055254937601"]

[embedtweet id="519899350978527233"]

Is he high? Is he messing with us? No idea-- but the bard continues:

[embedtweet id="519903092679008256"]

[embedtweet id="519903950988791809"]

[embedtweet id="519904582001246208"]

[embedtweet id="519905022520623105"]

[embedtweet id="519905278674751488"]

For more of Louis C.K.'s theories on the universe, here's a bit from his older stand-up:

Update: Louis C.K. is not high.

By Prachi Gupta

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