Fox News host Steve Doocy still does not understand the concept of transgender people using public restrooms

Doocy said bigots who oppose anti-LGBT discrimination laws just want to stop "men from using ladies’ restrooms"

Published October 16, 2014 3:55PM (EDT)

In another stunning display of his failure to grasp a very basic concept involving transgender people and public restrooms, Fox News host Steve Doocy publicly sided with a group of Houston pastors who oppose the city's new anti-LGBT discrimination ordinance, saying the church leaders are simply trying to make sure people don't violate their religious freedoms by, say, using the "wrong" bathroom. In a conversation with fellow Fox News host and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, Doocy called for more outrage over Houston Mayor Annise Parker's supposed attempts to "stifle religious liberty."

"What's at the heart here is that these five pastors had spoken out against the HERO Act, which was [Houston's] anti-discrimination measure -- which, among other things, would actually allow men to use women's restrooms and stuff like that," Doocy said on Thursday's edition of "Fox & Friends."At its core, when you realize what they’re trying to do, I am astounded at the lack of outrage across this country. Because clearly it’s intimidation, and everybody should be outraged that the city mayor is trying to stifle religious liberty!”

Doocy was referring to the city's efforts to subpoena the sermons of pastors who opposed the ordinance, which bans LGBT discrimination by city government and other businesses, but excludes religious groups. According to both hosts, subpoenaing politically loaded sermons (which allegedly urged churchgoers to petition the ordinance) threatens religious liberty.

"This has been used by the government as a means to silence free speech, which is protected by the first amendment,” Huckabee said. “As well as religious freedom, which is protected by the First Amendment.”

Watch the clip, via Raw Story, below:

By Jenny Kutner

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