John Oliver and Nick Offerman demonstrate the hilarious downside of robot sales assistants

Home improvement stores are a volatile spot for couples

By Sarah Gray
Published November 3, 2014 2:42PM (EST)
 Nick Offerman on "Last Week Tonight" (HBO)
Nick Offerman on "Last Week Tonight" (HBO)

Just ahead of the holiday season, Lowe's is introducing robot sales assistants to stores. On "Last Week Tonight" John Oliver shared that he's not convinced that this is a great plan, and he had the help of Nick Offerman from "Parks and Recreation" to explain why.

"Robot assistants are a terrible idea,” Oliver explained. “Here’s why: sales associates at home improvement stores are not there to help people find things. They’re there to stop couples from tearing each other apart."

"If you really want to test your marriage, go buy home supplies together because Lowe’s is like a swingers party or a couple’s brunch; no one is leaving on speaking terms."

Oliver explained that if he were a Lowe's competitor, he'd run the following advertisement. Watch below:

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