U.S. added 214,000 jobs in October as unemployment rate falls to 5.8 percent

The Labor Department releases its latest jobs report

By Luke Brinker
November 7, 2014 6:58PM (UTC)
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Dozens of job seekers line up to enter a job fair in New York. (AP)

The United States added 214,000 jobs last month, bringing the unemployment rate down to 5.8 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It marks the lowest unemployment rate since July 2008.

The BLS report also states that the U.S. added 31,000 more jobs than initially believed in August and September.


Though economic growth is accelerating and unemployment has fallen to pre-financial crisis levels, the labor force participation rate remains low. According to the BLS report, the rate stands at 62.8 percent, only a tiny uptick from 62.7 percent last month -- the lowest participation rate since 1978.

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