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Jon Stewart mocks CNN on CNN: The network is like "the doll Chucky"

"You really got to watch out for bad Chucky"

Sarah Gray
November 17, 2014 7:30PM (UTC)

While making the interview rounds this weekend, to his new film "Rosewater," Jon Stewart took a stab at CNN, while on CNN.  Stewart has long been a critic of CNN, consistently mocking them on "The Daily Show," and even starting a fake Kickstarter campaign to buy the news network.

On Sunday, Stewart appeared on Fareed Zakaria's "Global Public Square," where Zakaria attempted to get Stewart to admit he watches CNN.


"Here’s what I do," Stewart began. "I set a Google alert for Blitzer. And then, I just wait. ‘We have a CNN exclusive tonight. The Empire State Building is blue.’"

Zakaria dismissed this joke, and continued to press Stewart.

"Let me tell you something," Stewart responded more seriously. "The reason why I make fun of certain aspects of CNN is to be inspired by the brave reporting, is to want more. And so, that’s all it is."


"You want more CNN?" Zakaria asked.

"I want more of good CNN," Stewart clarified. "CNN is very similar to the doll Chucky. Sometimes it’s good Chucky, but you really got to watch out for bad Chucky."

Watch below via Raw Story:

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