Stephen Colbert is fearful of a potential chocolate shortage

In what is surely one of Colbert's last "Threat Down" segments, he worries about chocolate, sexiness and Columbus

Published November 21, 2014 3:55PM (EST)

 "Threat Down" with Stephen Colbert      (Comedy Central)
"Threat Down" with Stephen Colbert (Comedy Central)

Stephen Colbert counted down the three things he's most afraid of in last night's "Threat Down." In descending order they are America's standards of sexiness, the possibility we'll run out of chocolate, and that Christopher Columbus may not have been the first person to sail to the Americas. (I have a bone to pick with Colbert, because of course his blowhard character neglected to mention the role of climate change in the declining production of chocolate.)

Given that Colbert only has 12 episodes left, this might be the last time we see a "Threat Down" segment, so enjoy and watch below:

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