The best of Stephen Colbert according to the "Colbert Report" team: 10 of the best "5 x Five" segments

The "5 x Five" segments are like time capsule of Colbert

Published December 2, 2014 9:19PM (EST)

"The Colbert Report" often strings together some of the best Colbert clips into amazing segments dubbed the "5 x Five." In essence the "5 x five" represents the best of Stephen Colbert, as selected by the "Colbert Report" team. These wonderful Colbert moments are arranged by category and cover a wide variety of topics from the holidays, to influential men and women, the "lamestream" media, and many more.

Like a time capsule, these segments capture Stephen Colbert's hilarious character through nine seasons of "The Colbert Report." And as we count down the final 11 episodes of "The Colbert Report," it's an excellent time to look back at some hilarious "5 x Five" clips:

1) "5 x Five: Scandals -- Corporate"

2) "5 x Five: Colbert Moments -- Better Know a District"

3) "5 x Five: Colbert Report on Influential Women -- Hillary Clinton"

4) "5 x Five: Colbert Moments -- Who's Honoring Me Now"

5) "5 x Five: Colbert Report on Influential Men -- Stephen Colbert"

6) "5 x Five: Colbert Moments - Stephen Cracks Up"

7) "5 x Five: Colbert Report on Lamestream Media -- Fox News"

8) "5 x Five: Colbert Report on Influential Men -- Bill O'Reilly"

9) "5 x Five: Colbert on Lamestream Media -- CNN"

10) "5 x Five: Colbert Holidays -- Holiday Vacation"

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