Report: Bill Cosby accuser to press charges for alleged Playboy Mansion assault

Model Chloe Goins could be the only accuser able to hold the comedian accountable in court

Published January 14, 2015 6:37PM (EST)

Bill Cosby         (AP)
Bill Cosby (AP)

Of the nearly two dozen women who have publicly accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault, it seems only one might be able to press charges. As of this week, she's prepared to do exactly that. Chloe Goins, a model and exotic dancer who claims Cosby drugged and violated her at the Playboy Mansion in 2008, reportedly filed met with LAPD investigators on Wednesday with the intent to file charges against the comedian.

According to Radar Online, Goins appeared in Los Angeles with her attorney, Spencer Kuvin, to discuss her earlier claims that Cosby slipped a sedative in her drink at a party six and a half years ago; Goins, who was 18 at the time, claims the comedian then proceeded to suck on her toes and masturbate while she was half-conscious:

Kuvin — noting that Goins is the 77-year-old’s only accuser whose alleged run-in with the actor fell within the eight-year statute of limitations — said that Goins “is incredibly aware of the importance of the case,” as “the one [accuser] who could hold Mr. Cosby accountable for his actions.”

The lawyer said he wants police to produce a search warrant for the Playboy mansion, and interested in seeing if there is video evidence of the alleged exchange between Cosby and Goins.

In sentiments similar to those expressed by a number of Cosby's accusers, Goins has claimed that she did not initially report the incident for fear the comedian would use his (previously) considerable influence to damage her career. Unlike the other accusers, whose accounts include decades-old rape accusations, the model's allegations could fall within California's statute of limitations for sexual assault. It is unclear, however, what specific charges Goins plans to file.

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