"Je suis confused": Jon Stewart sorts though France's baffling free speech hypocrisy

From nipples to Chick-fil-A, Jon Stewart sifts through freedom of expression

Published January 15, 2015 2:42PM (EST)

Jon Stewart   (Comedy Central)
Jon Stewart (Comedy Central)

On Wednesday night, "The Daily Show" spent nearly 10 minutes dissecting the (more complicated than you'd think) realm of freedom of expression.

In particular Jon Stewart was trying to navigate recent events in France -- from the attacks in Paris, to last Sunday's rally for free speech, and the recent arrest of an anti-Semitic French comedian who wrote on his Facebook that he supported the Paris attacks.

"Je suis confused," Stewart stated. "Arresting someone for saying something days after a rally supporting the right to free expression. Ehhh it's a little weird." Watch Stewart attempt to make sense of this:

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