John Oliver destroys Big Pharma's outrageous spending to influence doctors

"Like high school boyfriends...more interested in getting inside you than in being effective once they are there"

Sarah Gray
February 9, 2015 7:17PM (UTC)

John Oliver's "Last Week Tonight" returned Sunday night, and season two began with an scathing 17-minute-long report on pharmaceutical companies and the billions of dollars spent on influencing doctors. Oliver looked into the free lunches, paid (scripted) speaking gigs, trips and free samples that companies -- via pharmaceutical reps -- hand out to physicians so they'll prescribe their pills.

"Drug companies are like high school boyfriends," Oliver joked. "They’re more interested in getting inside you than in being effective once they are there."


Oliver also steers viewers to a website where they can look up doctors and see what they've been accepting from pharmaceutical companies. Watch the segment below.

Watch this hilariously horrifying video highlighting the countless side effects of prescription drugs


[jwplayer file="http://media.salon.com/2015/11/11.3.15_Peter_Cooper_Big_Pharma_Ads.mp4" image="http://media.salon.com/2009/08/the_white_house_deal_with_big_pharma_undermines_democracy.jpg"][/jwplayer]

Sarah Gray

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