"I'm going to punt on that one": Scott Walker won't say if he accepts theory of evolution

Asked on foreign trip whether he affirms the theory, presidential hopeful punts

Published February 11, 2015 7:36PM (EST)

  (AP/Cliff Owen)
(AP/Cliff Owen)

Mitt Romney accepts it. So does the Roman Catholic Church, along with 97 percent of scientists. But does Scott Walker affirm the theory of evolution?

The Wisconsin governor and likely GOP presidential candidate won't say.

Asked during a trade mission to London Wednesday whether he's comfortable with the theory, Walker not only declined to answer -- he insisted that politicians shouldn't be asked the question:

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A real profile in courage, that one. While he's unwilling to let the public know whether he accepts a fundamental tenet of science, he is perfectly happy to convey his private thoughts on religion. Speaking with the Christian Post in 2013, Walker said his evangelical faith "plays a key role in my life in general, not just in politics."

"There's not a play card, if you will, that tells me how to vote or how to act on certain issues. So, it's not like issue by issue it drives me. But, the larger context, not only the policy decisions I make, but how I make them, how I interact with people, how I treat people. All of those things are, without a doubt, driven by my faith," he added.

As for whether he's driven by evidence -- who knows?!

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