"Weird Al" Yankovic performs Woody Guthrie "cover" on "The Late Late Show"

"It's a deep cut"

By Sarah Gray
Published February 17, 2015 5:26PM (EST)
 Weird Al on "The Late Late Show"  (CBS)
Weird Al on "The Late Late Show" (CBS)

"Weird Al" Yankovic was the musical guest on Monday night's "The Late Late Show." On the show "Weird Al" professed to guest-host Thomas Lennon that his true passion is American folk music. He and Lennon then proceeded to "cover" a Woody Guthrie song. "Not one of the hits," Yankovic admits.

The song as you may have guessed was not Woody Guthrie at all, but rather a promotional song for "Weird Al's" upcoming "Mandatory World Tour" dressed as an American folk song -- which quickly morphs into a polka-folk hybrid. Classic "Weird Al." Watch below starting at the 33 minute mark:

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