Pat Robertson gets hot and bothered over "Fifty Shades" (but not in the good way)

"It's an unbelievable story of sadomasochistic bondage"

Published February 24, 2015 3:46PM (EST)

Televangelist Pat Robertson is not happy with society's endorsement of a film he is deeming "an unbelievable story of sadomasochistic bondage."

CBN aired a segment Monday featuring Regent University symposium speaker Bejnamin Nolot, a Christian activist, who hypothesized cultural attitudes were responsible for the perpetuation of sex trafficking.

Robertson took Nolot's argument one step further, linking the film "50 Shades" to sex trafficking. He wonders aloud how many women have already subjected themselves to this film that has been wrongly classified as "romance."

Here's Robertson's recap of "Fifty Shades," if you haven't seen it (it's unclear whether Robertson, himself, has): "It's about bondage. It's about whips. It's about boiling oil. It's about various types of restraints."

By Colin Gorenstein

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