Here's a hilarious musical tribute to the online commenters that have ruined our lives

An old man is about to experience the hellish world of YouTube commenters for the first time

Published March 4, 2015 8:59PM (EST)

   (Comedy Central)
(Comedy Central)

Poor ol' Billy John -- just a dude and his guitar and a dream of sharing his gift with the world -- is about to experience the horrors of online commenters for the very first time.

The commenters will yell profanities at him in all caps. They will squash his spirits. And he will wish he never, ever tried his hand at the Internet.

Somehow, this harrowing tale of elder folks learning how to navigate the web is made hilarious. Perhaps, that's because Trevor Moore is at the helm of it, the rising comedic-musical talent with a Comedy Central hour special slated for March 6 and an album hitting shelves March 10.

By Colin Gorenstein

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