"I really want you to kill yourself": Comedian Bo Burnham goes nuclear on heckler (UPDATED)

Bo Burnham didn't tread lightly when a drunk heckler jumped on stage during his set

Published March 19, 2015 4:49PM (EDT)

    (Youtube, moviesatthetheatres)
(Youtube, moviesatthetheatres)

UPDATED: Bo responds!

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No one has mastered the art of a blistering heckler comeback quite like Bo Burnham. The comedian has told enough people to "shut the fuck up" in his 24 years of life to warrant a YouTube supercut, which is a pretty big achievement. Wednesday, a new video surfaced from YouTube user moviesatthetheatres  who recorded Burnham's most recent takedown of a drunk heckler who climbed onto the stage mid-set. Those in attendance knew the ponytailed man best as "Drunk Brian."

"No wonder the black people in this city are so fucking angry," Burnham says to the drunk man as he first approaches him on stage. When the man proposes that the two "just work together," Burnham has already had enough. "Let's work together? OK," he responds. "Let's work together on getting you off this stage and into a stable family, maybe. Maybe ringing out that ponytail and greasing you out the door."

When the man still doesn't budge, Burnham says: "I wish you the best -- I really want you to kill yourself -- but in theory, I wish you the best." As security finally comes to the rescue and escorts the man off stage, Burnham reiterates: "Again, kill yourself. Wait for me outside a hotel. Shoot me in the head like John Lennon."



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