"La! La! La! La!" Jon Stewart mocks America's most delusional climate deniers

Earth just experienced its warmest winter on record and Florida isn't handling this news well

Published March 26, 2015 1:03PM (EDT)

  (Comedy Central)
(Comedy Central)

Earth just experienced its warmest winter on record, and some states -- particularly the phallic-shaped ones, as Jon Stewart smartly pointed out on Wednesday's "Daily Show" -- are dealing with the news in absurd ways. Florida, for example, has banned the phrase "climate change" which has, in turn, created some painfully awkward moments for Florida officials.

Climate isn't the only thing Gov. Rick Scott (R) is denying, either. Apparently, he's also denied muzzling global warming talk. "First off its not true," he told reporters earlier this month, before swiftly changing topics. "Let’s look at what we’ve accomplished: We’ve had significant investments in beach re-nourishment, with flood mitigation."

However, state officials tell a very different story: Those who've spoken out have indicated that they were forced to use euphemisms in place of the term such as "nuisance flooding."

Stewart offered up some additional alternatives for these Florida officials to use: “Nuisance flooding, moisture inconvenience, statewide jacuzzification,” he said. “It appears that by 2020, Miami will be involved in a surprise pool party. These are all terms, of course, in Roget’s Denial Thesaurus — for when you’re uncomfortable with your son having a boyfriend, but are fine with ‘a live-in Crossfit buddy,’ or ‘platonic fellatio partner.’”

Watch the clip below:

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