Diane Sawyer will interview Bruce Jenner this month -- but will they discuss transition rumors?

The former Olympian and Kardashian patriarch is expected to discuss his recent car crash on April 24

By Jenny Kutner

Published April 6, 2015 6:46PM (EDT)

Bruce Jenner        (AP/Richard Shotwell)
Bruce Jenner (AP/Richard Shotwell)

ABC on Monday confirmed a much-discussed sit-down between Diane Sawyer and Bruce Jenner, in the reality star's first official interview amid reports of his gender transition. While the network has not confirmed the topic of the interview, many anticipate Jenner will address the reported transition, as well as the deadly car accident with which the star was involved in February.

“Bruce Jenner’s far-ranging, exclusive interview with ABC News Anchor Diane Sawyer airs Friday, April 24 on a special edition of '20/20.' The two-hour special, 'Bruce Jenner – The Interview' airs on the ABC Television Network at 9 p.m., ET," the network announced.

Jenner is also reportedly set to star in a docu-series for E!. More from Deadline:

Last month, E! appeared to have hit the pause button on its planned Jenner reality series, in the wake of his recent car accident, but ABC News looked to be plowing ahead with its Sawyer interview with the former Olympic star-turned-Kardashian patriarch, envisioned for broadcast some time this month. Plans for that ABC News special changed slightly, in light of the car crash in which a woman was killed when Jenner’s vehicle catapulted hers into oncoming traffic on Pacific Coast Highway, and seven injured.

As the patriarch of the Kardashian reality dynasty, Jenner's changing appearance has received intense scrutiny in recent months, especially as the former Olympian separated from wife Kris Jenner. The pair's daughter, Kendall Jenner, was suggested to have confirmed her father's gender transition in an interview with Us Weekly, which the magazine later retracted.

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